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Two-Step Mortgage

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Many borrowers who take the two-step mortgage have plans of refinancing or moving out of the home before the period ends. 5/5 and 5/1 ARMs . The 5/5 and the 5/1 adjustable rate mortgages are amongst the other types of ARMs in which the monthly payment and the interest rate does not change for 5 years.

A two-step mortgage, like its name implies has two different parts to it. Often called a hybrid loan, it combines some of the features of both types into a typical 30-year mortgage. The first part of the mortgage, which is usually either 5 or 7 years, has a fixed rate so that the interest and payment stay the same.

The initial rate on the two step is lower than on a 30-year fixed mortgage, but higher than a one-year adjustable. Also, because the adjustment interval is longer, there is less risk initially than with an adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM.

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Real Estate Glossary Term Two Step Mortgage. A mortgage or deed of trust that begins with a fixed interest rate for a specified number of years and then uses an adjustable rate for the remaining years.

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Welcome to the two-step mortgage. These are mortgages that literally combine the features of the fixed-rate mortgage with the features of the adjustable rate mortgage. As you know, it’s easier to get into an adjustable rate mortgage because you don’t have to put as much money down.

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There is an annual cap of 300 basis points (3%), 35% Consider a two-step mortgage for $150,000, 30 years, monthly payments, an initial interest rate of 5%, a cap of 5%, and a single rate adjustment at the end of year 7.

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