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OP-ED: Will Canadian Infrastructure Bank lead to more privatization? – Spacing National

Luxury Community Opens on Philly’s Main Line There’s ‘luxury’ housing at Philly’s community college, but where are the students? main line developers helped ccp build the Hamilton, now leasing in Center City. Max Marin/Billy Penn

 · The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide.. none other than Bloomberg issued an editorial Op-Ed in which it had one simple message: “Bring On the Cashless Future.”. The swiss national bank clarifies that a 5000 Franc bill is out of the question, as.

A unitholder who elects to receive our distributions in Canadian dollars is subject to foreign currency risk associated with our company’s distributions. A significant number of our unitholders will reside in countries where the U.S. dollar is not the functional currency.

Deutsche Bank Finally Sells Cosmopolitan For $1.73 Billion Deutsche Bank sells Vegas casino for $1.73 billion. the .9 billion cosmopolitan, was built by Deutsche Bank AG after its original developer defaulted on a loan. Initially conceived as a condo.Anonymous buyer picks up sponsor unit at Alchemy’s UWS condo for $26M Newswire > Anonymous buyer picks up sponsor unit at Alchemy’s UWS condo for m. anonymous buyer picks up sponsor unit at Alchemy’s UWS condo for $26M. TZ Latest News;. Anonymous buyer picks up sponsor unit at Alchemy’s UWS condo for $26M.One of DoBro’s newest apartment buildings is on the market for $100M Bank of the Ozarks captures national spotlight for lending practices – Tampa Bay Business Journal Bank of the Ozarks loan for UES condos april 12, 2017 05:31PM By Konrad Putzier Just days after telling analysts that it is still bullish on the New York condo market, Bank of the Ozarks financed.The four boys are also passionate about golf (one of them, Maverick, is a pro); the estate also. The estate had previously been “whisper-listed,” or not publicly on the market. Now, REX, a real.

In today’s looming confrontation the ratings agencies are playing the political role of “enforcer” as the gatekeepers to credit, to put pressure on Iceland, Greece and even the United States to pursue creditor-oriented policies that lead inevitably to financial crises.

(First) why must the United States lead the world everywhere on the globe and play the. If you look at the bylines of people who write op-ed pieces in many American papers, they are listed as.

The lead is a bit too long, but don’t cut it down more than by a third. I agree, the lead should probably only have a sentence or two on the sale, and not more than one on the scandal; in the whole (being Canada’s third-largest railway etc) the scandal is only a small aspect of the article, the railway and the company’s history.

In fact, studies of privatization often find that it ends up costing more than having government employees do the work. Nor is that an accident. Between campaign contributions and the revolving door, plus more outright bribery than we’d like to think, private contractors can engineer overpayment on a scale beyond the wildest dreams of public-sector unions.

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The Ugly Reality of Canada’s "Humanitarian" Aid to Haiti by Yves Engler / August 21st, 2015 Reading the comments below a recent Toronto Star op-ed reminded me of an important, if rarely mentioned, rule of Canadian foreign policy.

The perhaps even more critical question of the process towards these alternatives. there has been an emergence of organisations across the continent around issues such as debt, trade, privatisation.