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Marijuana stock Cronos Group is a buy, Beacon Securities says –

Cronos Group Stock: Learning the Basics. Cronos is a global distributor of cannabis products. The "global" part is what got me excited, because it shows that the Toronto-based company is not sitting on its heels; it has grand ambitions about changing the way marijuana is perceived around the world. I like that.

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3 Top Marijuana Stocks to Buy (And 1 to Sell). and one cannabis stock that he says is better to avoid. Let’s dive in. Compare Brokers. Hexo Corp (HEXO). cronos group (cron)

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Cronos Group will become the first company that grows and sells marijuana to list on a US stock exchange. American companies that process the plant have been sidelined because marijuana is still.

Q1/2018 could be the breakout quarter for cannabis licensed producer Cronos Group (TSXV:CRON, NASDAQ:CRON), says analyst Vaha Ajamian of Beacon Securities, who says that the cannabis space is going to take off during the months leading up to rec legalization, with Cronos leading the way.

Cronos Group could be a global marijuana player, Beacon says. Following the company’s third quarter results, Beacon securities analyst vahan ajamian says he is impressed with the scale of what cronos group (tsxv:mjn) is doing. On November 27, Cronos Group reported its Q3, 2017 results. The company generated Adjusted EBITDA.

GMP Securities analyst Martin Landry lowered the firm’s stance on Cronos Group stock from “Buy. say. For the relatively small but highly vocal horde of investors who not only bought heavily into.

The case for Cronos Group. Cronos is participating in a joint venture to supply medical marijuana to Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. It also has a joint venture with Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, which exports to 35 countries in Europe and Asia.

Based in Canada, Cronos Group is an investment firm that primarily invests in Canadian-based pot companies involved in Canada’s medical-marijuana industry. Cronos has three core assets: Peace.

Editorial Article: Cronos Group (TSXV:MJN) could be a global marijuana player, Beacon says maintained "Buy" rating, but raised one-year price target from $4.00 to $5.25 (cantechletter.com) submitted 1 year ago by CanadaWeedStocks

Cronos is a Canadian marijuana stock with a strong outlook toward international expansion, as demonstrated by the MedMen deal and the Nasdaq listing. This pivot toward international markets is what is going to separate a good marijuana stock from a great marijuana stock, especially in the post-canadian recreational marijuana world.