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From the Forum: What Kind of Insurance Should I Get Before a Gut Renovation?

Here are five things you should know before you start your renovation. Necessary paperwork Depending on the type and scale of your intended project, you may need to lodge a Development Application (DA) with your local council and have it approved before you can start making any changes to your home ii .

Speaking as the wife of an ex-carpenter, if you buy a fixer-upper with the expectation that you’ll do the work yourselves, than you’ll live in an unfinished, unfixed up house. Tis a rare carpenter indeed that wants to work all week on other people’s houses, and then come home at night or weekends to work on his/her own house.

Liability insurance will eliminate this concern, as your insurance company will defend the claim, regardless of its merits. Land in Another Name. Should you own vacant land held under any name other than yours-such as a business name-you’ll be unable to receive extended liability coverage from your homeowner’s policy.

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In phone interviews with NPR, drivers shared examples of how they couldn’t reach Uber after an accident on the job (one man contacted Uber’s insurance. get his first payment of $14.14. That amount.

How Much Will Your home renovation cost? (hint: More Than You Think). with gut renovations most popular.. Experts say you should always check with the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

Trendy downtown St. Pete townhome project scrapped, permitting delays blamed The Madison at St. Petersburg is a 304-unit luxury apartment complex located on two city blocks in downtown St. Petersburg. This high density "urban infill" project is designed as five-story apartments in a "U" shaped plan around a central courtyard fronted by three-story townhouses, all built on top of a grade level parking structure.

You should be able to access information relating to past and present projects, as well as business numbers and contact details. It should also be clear who the directors of the company are. Then,

Townhouse Renovation 101: A Guide to Purchasing and Renovating  · Learn how to cut cosmetic renovation/remodelling costs for your home improvement project to increase your property value effectively and efficiently from Australia’s #1 Renovation.

Anyway, my insurance that I had before was 200$ a month, plus 20% of the cost which I definitely can’t afford now. I need health insurance but I rarely get sick and i really only want it to keep my thyroid prescription up to date. I can get insurance through my husbands work but then he takes about a 200$ a month pay cut.

No. 9: Review your homeowners insurance. As the weather improves, many homeowners start planning major remodeling or renovation projects. According to Statistic Brain, in the next two years 26% of homeowners plan a bathroom renovation or addition and 22% plan a kitchen renovation or addition. I’ve been through five major remodeling projects,