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Ecuador’s former central banker sues Privé developers to cancel $3.6M condo contract

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The last thing you want is for your tourist visa to expire and become illegal. But in order to extend the visa you are looking at $250 plus an added complication once given the residency visa of having to cancel the visa extension. However, usually it takes 3-4 months for the Senescyt to validate and register your degree in Ecuador.

What is unsettling with this decision is that condo directors, by virtue of the fact that they must act on consensus, seem to be exposed to claims of conspiracy. By definition, board members always have to "agree" to something for a corporation to act. Lessons learned. The standard of care expected of condo directors has not changed.

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Couple suing condo developer for fraud gets counter-sued. "The Developer is now seeking the return of the entire sum of S$42,037.50 which it had refunded to the couple as it is entitled and permitted to, under the HDB rules because of the couple’s false declaration," said a CDL spokesperson in a statement today, issued on behalf of Grand Isle Holdings.

Bliss condo developer sued by former general contractor The condo tower developer gave no cause or notice, the suit says. Bliss, a luxury condo tower in St. Petersburg, will open in late 2016, its.

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I know a TriBeCa loft conversion building that has units selling for millions. It was discovered that the walls were never properly fire-proofed and enough time had gone by and enough turnovers had occurred in the ownership/structure of the developer that suing the present incarnation of the developer was not legally feasible.

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A dispute between a commercial condominium unit owner and the condominium corporation concerning access to a garbage room and service laneway, resulted in the unit owner suing the condominium corporation, as well as the individual directors and the condominium manager.. For approximately twelve years the unit owner’s tenants had the use of a retail garbage room and access to a door to the.